Pretty Gritty on Pretty Gritty

I have listened to Pretty Gritty on YouTube and talked about two of their videos on this blog. So when I got their 2012 self-titled album, I thought I knew what to expect. Clean, lushly-instrumented, sweet songs that feel like ice cold lemonade on a southern summer day. Well, think again.

Pretty Gritty the album is more whisky sour than lemonade, but it is wonderful. This is a sassier album, hitting the jazzy country side harder than americana/folk. “Hey You” is a girl’s anthem with that never-ending attempt to get a man to play serious instead of just playing.

“I Don’t Know Why” goes with “Hey You” in my mind. Why oh why oh why has the one who “used to kiss me proudly in the daylight” suddenly grown cold? But since the melody is more honky-tonk swing and less weeping folk, you smile while you sing “now you’re always cold and I don’t know why.”

“Highway” is a driving song. For an interstate, not a curvy country road–because you’re going to want to push the pedal down and go fast.

You can find a little americana in the album. “This Heart of Mine” has the sweetness I have associated with PG. It is a declaration of love, and a plea for gentleness. “Don’t go breaking this heart of mine. . .I am putting it on the line, won’t you take it?” It is as tender as a high school sweetheart, and a feeling everyone has had when love is new and scary.

For something completely different, try “Hellhound Blues.” It fits into what I think of as Gothic Country, mysterious music with a hint of Stephen King-style horror. It’s like stories around a campfire in the middle of the night–you feel a small thrill of adrenaline, but no one’s really scared. But I bet you’ll want to sing along.

“Stay” is another of the deeper-than-they-sound sweet songs that went on to become a PG trademark. A song about the gentle healing of a broken heart, and the tentative steps someone takes back toward love when they’ve been hurt and are confronted with new love. “I hold my breath and hold on hope, each time I hear your voice ask if I’m ok as if I had a choice. Oh it always cuts so deep watching as you go.” A touching song that expresses the tricky combination of hope, fear, and longing ¬†perfectly.

My absolute favorite song on this album is “Good Man.” It’s one of those great “nothing’s going to crush me” songs, the kind of thing they play in a movie when the hero has been beaten and goes into training to go get the bad guys. A great song when you feel overwhelmed, but know you have a lot more in you than you’ve shown so far.

Train songs are fun. Especially when they have a hobo feel. And songs about musicians striking out to seek their fortune are staples in country music. “Ol Train Whistle” steps right into this tradition. The song is upbeat and gives you no doubt that Pretty Gritty is well on their way to musical success.

The group has moved from their Maryland home just up the highway from me in Virgina. Now they’re in Portland, a little further up another highway from Hen. The move has moved them to a more roots music than country, which is not a bad thing. But I hope they will circle back sometime and take a step or two towards the rocking country of this album. Either way, I’ll be listening.

You can see Pretty Gritty’s tour schedule and buy their music from their website Their next show is February 20 at The Bitter End in Portland.

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