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I once had a professor in college who was also a musician. He took his music seriously, and used to lecture us on the disrespect he felt it showed to listen to music “as background music.” If you listened to music, especially his favorite, classical music, you should listen. Set aside your work, don’t do laundry, or work out–listen. “For thousands of years,” he sagely said, “only the very wealthy got to hear music. No one else could afford to hire musicians.”

I disagree. I believe music should fill our lives. As something to enjoy on its own, and as the backdrop to everything around us–our meals, our important events, even our housecleaning. And I especially think we should include musicians in our lives–by searching out places that bring music together with that ancient group activity–sharing a meal. Because I do not believe only the wealthy hired musicians in ancient times. I think people found ways to have music in their community. From singing in beer halls to sitting in the finest auditorium for opera,  the desire for sound and rhythm, melody and harmony, is universal.

Today, we are blessed with the chance to hear talented men and women share their skills in concert halls, coffee shops, restaurants, and even on a busy street. That Green Hen wants to bring musician and listener together by sharing great places to hear great performers making music. Stay tuned for band interviews, venue reviews, and ideas for the best music experience–for both the listener and the musician. If there’s a topic you particularly want addressed, or a group you want spotlighted, please leave us a comment!

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